Co-Location Host Services

PHD Trading Technologies offers affordable NASDAQ & Equinix co-location host services.

Are you concerned with maintaining the privacy of your strategies?

Would you like to run your own strategies, from your own systems, with the benefits of co-location, but without the New York cost?

Have you had strategies fail as a result of execution lag, someone beating you to the trade or conflicts of interest, such as internal order filling?

Or… Do you already benefit from the increased speed of low-latency co-location in some markets, but want that advantage in more market venues?

Tired of being tied to a single platform or market venue?


We can help!

Co-Location Host Services is one more way “making money just got so much easier!”

Access to multiple markets including all U.S. & Canadian Equities Markets, Public & Private Venues, Lit & Unlit

Maximum investor privacy and strategy anonymity with firewalls between our infrastructure and your systems

AFFORDABLE Low-Latency Co-location at NASDAQ & EQUINIX

Accelerate profitability by leveraging our infrastructures speed, efficiency, and cost savings to minimize slippage